We just spent an amazing weekend away on Mackinac Island for the long Labor Day Weekend! It was a great time to unwind and unplug (literally there was hardly any wifi on the entire island) and get outdoors and enjoy some amazing weather. We had temps in the 60s and 70s with a few days in the 50s. It was MAJOR fall vibes and I was loving every minute of it.

If you aren’t familiar with the Island it’s located in Northern Michigan where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. There are NO cars or motorized vehicles on the island and it’s literally the most charming step back in time. Horses and buggies and bikes are the name of the game – we even saw amazon packages being delivered by horse carriage! We biked and walked endlessly which made up for all the fudge we ate – fudge being another hallmark of the island.  The island is only 3 square miles with 80% of it being a State Park. There is also a large Fort on the Island that was occupied by the British in the war of 1812.  So there is just tons of history on the island.

We stayed at Mission Point Resort. There were some pros and cons to this hotel. Some of the pros were the location which was away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street while still being close enough to everything. Plus the large grass lawn with chairs and a few really great restaurants was a great place to hang out. The staff was incredibly kind and fun and we had amazing customer service.  But the cons were the hotel was old and historic which yes, is charming, but also had it’s drawbacks like poor wifi and creaky floors. All the rooms had recently been updated and were very cute. 

outfit: leggings, cardigan, sneakers or similar

outfit: sweater, leggings, similar sneakers
One of the best parts about the Island is how active you can be the entire time. We walked about 6 miles a day and biked around the circumference (8 miles) of the island one day too. There are tons of bikes for rent, but if you get there late there are slim pickings! Thus, my husband and I getting stuck with a tandem bike – it was literally the last one left!

outfit: jeans, birkenstocks, white linen top, sweater
We had the most delightful fall weather with the sun being warm and the shade being a little cool. I loved breaking out the sweaters and jackets. I thought I was overdoing it by packing cashmere and and quilted jackets, but they were 100% necessary.

outfit: quilted jacket, cashmere sweater, jeans, birkenstocks

Of course on the coldest and windiest day we had booked a kayak tour. Brrr! We were cold and wet but had so much fun and look at that amazing view of Arch Rock.  We hiked up to the arch the day before and it was over 200 steps to the top. Yikes.

Of course no trip to the Island is complete without a quick stop by the Grand Hotel. One of the most historic and beautiful hotels in the entire country this place is a must see. We at lunch at the Jockey Club which was very fun – the setting is unmatched.

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