I’m all about versatility when shopping for my closet. If I know I can’t wear a piece multiple ways I rarely add it to my closet. Some pieces will stand out as the type you can literally wear a million ways and when I saw this striped sweater I knew it was one of those! While I usually try to style a piece 6 ways, today is a quick styling session with only three outfits. But I know the potential for this striped sweater is still there for lots more outfits.

I love the tunic length on this sweater – works great with leggings – and it’s lightweight so it’s great for summer to fall looks and layers well as the weather cools too. ┬áPlus, it’s available in tons of color ways, both striped and solid depending on your style! I went with my usual size small for this sweater. It fits true to size.

Let’s take a look at the outfits… don’t mind all the at-home-school junk on the table. This is life these days! From blue jeans for a casual work from home day or leggings for a busy mom-on-the-go look or white jeans for a summery date night or casual office look this sweater is going to be a work horse in your summer to fall wardrobe.

I just love this look for errands or hanging out at home. It’s insanely comfortable while still feeling pulled together.

Perfect for a date night or casual office look, white jeans just POP with this striped sweater.

Zooming at home all day? Lunch with friends? This look is perfectly casual and pulled together for whatever the day brings.

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