Target has been totally knocking it out of the park lately with clothes. I will admit I go through phases with Target of loving everything or just finding nothing there. But this spring and summer I have repeatedly found so many good items. You can see previous try on sessions here (mostly tops) and here (mostly dresses) and most of the items are all still in stock!

Today I found some really beautiful pieces that I am very excited to show you. I’m super impressed with not only the fun and on-trend styles but the quality is also really high with these pieces, which is super impressive for these price points. All the fabrics are right on par or even better than what you would find at Nordstrom a few of the dresses reminded of $200 Shopbop pieces, and I am not even exaggerating!  Let’s take a look!

Sizing: True to size, this is a size small.

Thoughts: This is so perfect for summer to fall. The open weave keeps it from getting stifling and it’s a great extra layer over tanks and tees or even a sun dress. 

Keep or return? I have maybe *too* many cardigans now, but I think I am still going to keep this. So cute!

Sizing: I am in my usual size small, it’s too small. Definitely size up in this one.

Thoughts: This is so soft and the color is gorgeous and fabric is super soft. But it’s REALLY see through. If you don’t mind a cami underneath I say go for it. I love this color and style for summer to fall.

Keep or return? This one is too small and the see-through-ness has me not loving it. It’s going back even thought I do like it.

Sizing: This is a size small and was a tiny bit tight on the arms, but I wouldn’t go up a size due to length. 

Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE this dress. It’s a little on the dressy side but at this price point you could totally justify it for everyday wear with flat sandals and a denim jacket or just on it’s own. It’s SO beautiful and flowy and I know I’m gushing, but it’s just that good. 

Keep or return? This is a keeper!

Sizing: This is a size small and feels really big, but tight in the waist. I’m stumped on sizing on this one.

Thoughts: This is SO over the top, but also I kind of love it. I think it would be perfect if it was sleeveless. The bold pattern AND the puff sleeves is a little overboard. It’s so fun though and it has pockets!

Keep or return? Return. I mean, it’s cute but I know I would never wear it.

Sizing: True to size, I am in my usual size small. The front and back has very light elastic so I probably could’ve gone down a size too.

Thoughts: This is GORGEOUS too and I’m not sure the photo does it justice. It’s super lightweight and would be beautiful for a wedding or family photos. The red is so pretty and there are some other colors too. You can easily dress it down with a denim jacket too.

Keep or return? Not sure. It’s between this one and the one below. I need to decide!

Sizing: True to size, I am in a size small. If you are between sizes go up one.

Thoughts: I ADORE this. It’s so beautiful in person. The fabric is stunning and this golden/rust color is gorgeous. It also has pockets!

Keep or return? I’m deciding between this one and the red one. Which one should I keep?

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