While most of us are at home these days it’s probably safe to say we have been living in lounge wear. I know I have been about 50/50 with pjs all day or leggings and “real” clothes. Same with “getting ready” – I’ve done my hair and makeup a few times and then gone without quite a few days too. Although I will say doing hair and makeup and getting dressed feels REALLY good right now.

Today I’ve got 6 ways to style leggings since we sure are wearing them a lot! These looks are perfect for hanging at home with the kids, getting some fresh air in the yard or on a walk or even for popping on a video conference without looking like you just rolled out of bed (tempting!). Whatever life is bringing at you these days (and it’s A LOT, I know) clothes can make us feel good in a special way. The combination of comfort and style is one I am always seeking and now I see how important it has been to my mental health during these difficult times too. I hope you get some inspiration from these looks!

Let’s chat about these leggingss first… I have SO MANY favorite pairs of leggings but this is truly the only pair I own that work both for the gym (they really stay put during a sweaty tennis session) AND for wearing around the house/dressing up. They are a true unicorn that they can do both. I have leggings that work for day to day but look much more casual and somehow this pair is perfectly refined AND perfect for the gym. These run true to size, I am in my usual size small. They are also available in ankle length. Mine are a touch long on me, but I don’t mind it… if I bought them again I would likely go for the ankle length. Plus they are under $60 and right now are on special two for $90. I am eyeing the grey pair too!


(above) Look 1

This long sweater blazer is just made for pairing with leggings! It’s a natural fit. At the core this outfit is simple a white t-shirt and leggings, but by adding a cardigan you can feel more pulled together, or maybe warmer or just cozier for around the house.

(above) Look 2

This look is a little sportier and perfect for hanging with kids, heading out for walks and staying comfortable all day. I love this fitted striped top – so comfy! And it works great with a denim jacket and leggings. 

(above) Look 3

Business on top and casual on bottom – you know? This blouse and cardigan is perfect for hopping on a video conference but it’s still super casual. 

(above) Look 4

Another perfectly casual look for hanging at home, keeping the kids busy and walking the dog – which is my exact life right now. But somehow it still feels cute while being super comfortable.

(above) Look 5

A simple linen button front top and leggings are the perfect work from home look. This top is a favorite of mine from last year and I’m excited to wear it again this year too. And maybe the jacket and mules are overkill at this point – but maybe not! Just do what feels right these days.

(above) Outfit 6

This is a look I’ve been wearing a lot. I mean, I’m pretty sure this is the third time to wear this exact look in two weeks. It’s a great combo and repeat worthy. I love this oversized sweater with jeans but it works really well with leggings too!

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