Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

I’d sell my soul for some sun

The post holiday blues have set in and Melbourne is being its total amazing self right at this moment (can you sense the sarcasm) Constant rain that seriously hasn’t ended since I’ve landed and gloomy conditions. It is not giving me the best, if any motivation to plan any outfits for spring.

If there is anything that comes as a positive to this weather, its raincoats. They are the best addition to everyones wardrobe and a “can’t live without” item here in Melbourne!¬†

I picked this little spotty number up from Surfstitch, its navy and goes with pretty much everything, is long in length which I am obsessed with currently (I am only buying guys tall tees and jumpers, haha) and has a cute spot print which lightens up an outfit and gives it some contrast to an otherwise muted palette.

If you are looking to add a raincoat to your wardrobe, opt for a lightweight version as it can be worn in pretty much any season, therefore getting your moneys worth, not that they are expensive but giving you some extra cash to splash on something else exciting.


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