Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Flashes of Style: The Vision Council Experience

<br /> Flashes of Style: The Vision Council Experience<br />

The Vision Council Experience

With my line of work, SO much
of my day is spent on my computer, phone and iPad, that more often than not, I
am left with headaches and eye sensitivity by the end of the day. When The Vision Council invited me to
their health track lounge at SXSW 2018 to pick out a pair of glasses protecting
against digital eye strain, I was absolutely thrilled!
I have been using these glasses on my day to
day for almost a week now, and I undoubtedly see a major difference at the end
of the work day! I was shocked when I researched the hazards associated with
digital eye strain, and especially how easily it can be prevented. 60.5% of
Americans report experiencing digital eye strain, which absolutely makes sense
in our digital dominated world. With that being said, 72.6% report they did not
know eyewear can be used to prevent this, (slowly raises my hand in the back)!
When I found out that simply wearing eyewear protection can reduce eye strain,
dry eyes, headaches, and blurred vision, having my new glasses handy is a
 I absolutely love these Toms frames with VisionEase lenses. They protect my eyes
AND happen to be so cute! I love that I don’t have to sacrifice fashion for my
eye health. This pair compliments my personal style, and they are honestly a
pair that I would have gravitated towards. Knowing they protect my eyes from
digital eye-strain is an added bonus!


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