Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Flashes of Style: Holiday Decor with Stage

Y’all already know that Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE time of year! So when Stage asked me to join their virtual holiday party by sharing my holiday look and holiday decor tips, I was so excited. I had so much fun decorating my little space, throwing on Frank Sinatra Christmas getting cozy in this Stage fuzzy snowman sweater , and sipping on some hot chocolate, Theres something about twinkle lights , all the garland and Christmas trees that make my heart so happy. 
 This year I have been especially in the Holiday spirit and decorated my whole apartment with the most adorable pieces from Stage. My apartment has limited space, so my favorite way to decorate is by making little holiday vignettes throughout my home, utilizing desks, my bed, coffee tables, etc. I added a touch of my favorite pieces from Stage throughout my home, starting wth my bedroom. This light-up garland was  perfect to add to my headboard. it is so easy to put it, and adds a whimsical touch to my bedroom. In my living room above my desk, I hung this frosted berry wreath, which I absolutely adore! I personally love the way a wreath looks indoors(Is that weird?!) And lastly, I was so excited to put up these holiday trinkets throughout my home… the lantern, the snowman, the tree… I’m in heaven!

I hope y’all enjoyed a little look into my holiday decorations with Stage stores! I highly recommend browsing their site, they have TONS of other cute holiday decorations and outfits and basically have options for everyone. I know where I will be getting all my holiday shopping done from here on out!  



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